Feb 26

Investment PROFMEDIA

CCP is commissioned to offer the extremely rare possibility for a highly profitable investment in of one of the finest Midsize Professional Media Companies in Europe. The enterprise concerned is extremely profitable. It publishes print and online journals, books, CDs, Videos and organizes fairs and congresses for nearly half a century. Nowadays business has strongly and successful moved online. It owns a bunch of market leaders, one of them is a real worldmarket-leader, licensed in several languages like English, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic etc. etc.  Unique!

Now the management would like to enter new markets, like China and India, USA and Fance , and wants to acquire new print- and online publications. So the management looks for an initial investment of about 8 – 12 Mill. US $. In return, one receives about 1,5 Mill. US$ direct payback after purchasing. In times of low interest rates a very rare unique opportunity!

Feel free to contact us by using our contact page, but please mention  PROFMEDIAINVEST.   We  will only answer well-founded inquiries with sound information about the interested party.

Do not hesitate!  CONTACT us today for more information!

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