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CCP bundles valuable business expertise in the media from print to audio / video to social media in the media sector, acquired through many years of international media experience.

CCP delivers solutions. In particular trade media are experiencing a renaissance today. Focusing topics more sharply and targeting those who are more interested in products and services is a necessity today.

CCP promotes network thinking and multimedia. We are specialists in social media marketing.

CCP  offers investment opportunities! Be part of the success!

Investment PROFMEDIA

CCP is commissioned to offer the extremely rare possibility for an investment in of one of the finest Midsize Professional Media Companies in Europe. The enterprise concerned is highly profitable. It publishes journals, books, CDs, Video and organizes congresses for nearly half a century. It owns a bunch of market leaders, print and online, one …



CCP recently has helped to restructure a company with a somewhat problematic range of products. It was possible to identify cost-driving, „we have always done it this way“ relatively quickly. We recognize processes and low-performing employees with little effort to improve our products.